4 Body Language Tips from a World Champion Public Speaker

Mental preparation and Confidence are the two key elements to fight all the stage fright. The preparation will only be perfect if you are clear with the presentation. Even the speech delivery and clarity of the words are some of the important factors too that define a Good Public Speaker.

Here, I will be listing 4 basic Unfailing Tactics which can help any Public Speaker give a level-up performance.

World Champion Public Speaker

Body Language Tips from a World Champion Public Speaker

I recently bumped into Body Language Tips shared by the World Champion Public Speaker Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, and thought to share it with you guys. So, the 4 super tips for a strong speech delivery are:

»Open Palms Always.

Very important. Do not keep the palms folded during the speed. Keep them wide open, and let the audience connect to you. Open palms are also a sign of openness, and it keeps the listener connected to you and it also pleases their eyes.

»Keep a distance from the podium. If you have got one.

People usually have this habit of resting their hands on the podium, and they will sometime lean on it too. Do not touch the podium, just leave the speech note on the podium and interact with the audience using your hands. Don’t rest your hands on the podium as well.

»Be calm, and comfortable on the stage.

It’s important that you have a calm and peaceful mind on the stage. The demands get higher especially on a world championships track and field.

If you are feeling nervous, then take in your time for settling. This will not only help you with building the confidence but also give some time to the audience to settle down. Once you are comfortable, you just won’t feel any barrier.

»Ensure that there are no Body Barriers.

Freeing yourself, and your body is yet another point that you need to take care of. Folding your hands, and bringing the hands in front while talking, etc are signs of nervousness. Never let your audience feel that you are nervous.

To overcome, you only got to free your body and let them open. Don’t bother about how you are looking, and other insecurities. Feel as if there is nothing between your speech and the listeners.

These are the 4 simple tips that you can try out, and bring out a big difference in your Public Speaking.

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