Champions! Here is your New Year Resolution List!

Resolutions are those promises or changes that you wish to make in your life.  If you have got some undesired behavior or nature that you want to get rid off, then you can include that in the New Year resolution. So, may be you are confused with the term or someone who is looking for different ideas which can be included in this list.

New Year Resolution List

Your New Year Resolution List – Set New Goals

It seems like every year we make these. These New Years Resolution ideas. And yet, it seems like we almost never follow them. Include me in that. I make lists. I check them twice. And I never follow up on them. This year, I hope, will be different. Here is my New Year’s Resolutions list (feel free to add your own, or help me with mine):

1. Eat Healthy

Everyone says this. I’m going to try,though. If it means cutting back on chips with lunch, so be it. Maybe I can make my sandwich a wrap-wich. Little things like that go a long way.

2. Cut back on SodaCut back on Soda

You have no idea how much soda I drink. This is my bad habit. I go to Burger King or McDonald’s daily to get a medium diet coke (they happen to have the best). Ironically, I don’t get food from there a lot. I do get a lot of sodas. If I cut back on that, I help solve my first goal. Win-win. But, this is going to be so hard. It’s like stopping smoking cigarettes. You can try, but it is hard.

3. Be nice

This might be general, but I want to be nicer to be people. I try to be nice. But it doesn’t always come off that way. By making a concerted effort, I can come off even nicer.

4. Don’t hold grudges

Everyone has grudges. I’m going to try and get rid of mine, and not create new ones.

5. Get cards for birthdays

I’m bad on birthdays. I try and call, but I usually forget. This year, I’m going to get everyone close to me a birthday card. I’ll get them in advance. That way, I won’t have to forget. Genius!

6. Make my sites better

I’m going to try and make The Blog of Champions ten times better. Not sure how. But, I think by posting more, and making it more personal, I can.

7. Rant a little more

Ranting is good for the soul. I rant a lot on this blog. I want to rant more. Get more things off my chest. Besides, I find my best posts are of the ranting sort.

Reach out to friends8. Reach out to friends I don’t see enough

There are some friends I just never see or talk to. Scheduling makes it impossible. This year, I’m going to reach out more to my friends who I need to see more. Everyone wins.

9. Give back

With this economy, people are struggling. Badly. And even if you’re struggling, there’s a good chance someone is hurting worse than you are. So this year, I want to give back to charities who need help. I’m thinking Food Banks. And this one goes to all of you: give as much as you can. A little goes a long way.

And last but not least:

10. Give Thanks

I happen to be very lucky. Great family. Great friends. Great job. Great everything, really. I want to give thanks more. Say it more to my family, friends. Say it more to me. Say it more. The people around me deserve it.

It may seem like a daunting task, but, hopefully, I’m up for it.

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