How to Build a Good Hockey Team For Championship

I received a lot of queries regarding the qualities that selectors look for in a good Hockey Player. This player has to be more than just extraordinary when it comes to national championships. But what are the skills and points you need to have? Does a skillful player still make it out and get selected in a Hockey team?

Good Hockey Team For Championship

How to Build a Good Hockey Team For Championship

Hockey is a game which is played between two teams, who tries to push and carry forward a ball from their position and tries to hit the target net provided on the opponent’s end. The opponent tries to defend the ball incomings. This is similar to the football, just that the ball is smaller and all the players have got a hockey stick for hitting the ball.

Good with the Basic Skills

The Basic SkillsYou need to be good with all your basic hockey skills. The player must be able to pass the ball accurately to the right person, and he/she must have a good control of the game in particular. Also, the player should receive the ball and get in control quickly. Receiving and passing the ball with control, is the basic of all. All the players should master this before trying all the advanced tricks.

Your Attitude Matters a lot

No matter if the player is highly skilled or popular, if his attitude is not right among players and people in general – then he could fail at the selection. So make sure that you got the right behavior and personality in front of your team-mates and your seniors.

Build a team who is not only physically well-built but also mentally strong.

The team should be mentally strong as well, along with being physically strong. This is because there will be instances where the team will feel the pressure and during those times the players have to be strong mentally and not panic with the situation.

You have to be committed to your game and remain focused on the game even though things go in the opposite way. Therefore, mental strength is required for big games like the championships.

The player is Confident with all the moves

This is so common these days, people doubt their abilities even when they are skilled ones. The player should believe in his skills and have the right confidence when it’s the time to showcase the skills. If you feel to get trained in this department, then you can join academies for this. There are many organizations that are helping out people in building up the confidence in them.

Fitness is taken care of seriously

Fitness is importantFitness is importantHow can you expect the player to play well without being fit? The player has to seriously consider what he is eating and also keep the fitness in check. Games like hockey demand the player to be fit and strong, so work on your body and health well. This is important if you wish to be a part of the national team or any other championship.

Speed is crucial, and it will help you in the longer run

Speed is something which is important for both the defensive as well as attacking players. If you are an attacking player, then speed is a must. While for the defensive players, you need to have the speed to deal with all the serves and attacks coming from the opposite team. It can work as a big asset, where the other team won’t actually when you scored the goal with an amazing speed.

Effective communication between the players

Players should have a good cooperation as a team as well as they should have a good understanding of each other. This is important, both on-field as well as outside the field. Communication plays a key role in this, the teams must have effective talks during the game. Also, the players have to be good listeners too and have an attitude of learning.

So, these are the must-haves in a team and their players – to get placed in the Championship teams. Above all, the players must have a good vision about the game and could be able to judge the game and understand it way better. This will give them the right way of playing and increase the chance of winning.

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