Our Crew

Welcome to The Blog of Champions!

This is Richard Leach here, and we are a crew of 5 scribblers. It started back in 2012 when we were done with our graduation, and everyone was busy finding jobs and settling their life.

Sports has been my first love since childhood and was pretty good with the basketball, football and other games. I always had this idea of blogging about my love for sports and sharing sports facts online, but it just never worked out.

Then, on one fine Tuesday morning, I was sipping my coffee and came across a sports blog. Again the blogging idea stroke me after almost a month at my job, and I felt really awake.

This was it!

A self-inspired writer, with not-so-famous sports skills, willing to share experiences and gaming tips for better performance.

This blog is not affiliated with any official tournament, whatsoever. All the opinions and tips shared, will be true to my personal experience. Get in touch with us on theblogofchampions.com

Someone has rightly quoted ‘Learn just one kind of sport, and play it daily. This will make you feel happy-relaxed inside, along with the physical fitness’.

Have a good day/night!